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Judith's Construction Cleaning

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At Judith's Construction Cleaning 


We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically for newly constructed or renovated properties. Our experienced team excels in transforming chaotic construction sites into spotless, welcoming spaces ready for their new occupants. We begin by conducting a thorough site assessment to determine the cleaning needs, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Our services cover every aspect of construction cleanup, from removing heavy debris and vacuuming construction dust to detailed cleaning of all surfaces. We meticulously clean floors, walls, ceilings, and fixtures, eliminating all traces of construction residue. Special attention is given to windows and glass surfaces, removing stickers and protective films and cleaning away smudges and fingerprints to enhance natural light and views.

In addition to general cleaning, our team specializes in finer details that significantly improve the presentation of your property. This includes polishing stainless steel fixtures, cleaning cabinets and drawers, and ensuring all bathroom fixtures shine. We also provide optional deep-cleaning services for air ducts to improve indoor air quality and prevent the circulation of construction dust.

Safety is our priority, and we adhere to all industry standards to ensure the environment is clean and safe for entry. Using eco-friendly cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment guarantees a thorough cleaning that aligns with your health and environmental concerns.

At Judith's Construction Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our reliability, attention to detail, and exceptional quality of work. We understand the importance of timely and efficient service and are dedicated to ensuring that your property is impeccably cleaned on schedule and ready for staging, final inspections, or immediate occupancy. Let us help you make a flawless transition from a construction site to a comfortable home or professional business environment.

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